Individual or Group Therapy

Sometimes our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors become so overwhelming, uncovering a way to deal with them independently is tough. Finding a trusted individual to help you sort through the challenges life presents can help.


My areas of specialty are:


                     Disordered Eating                     

Binge Eating Disorder

                        Body Image Issues                       

Emotional Eating

                          Chronic Dieting                           

Low Self-Esteem




Now, let me give you a heads up -- Finding your therapist is like buying a new pair of shoes. After searching, you may have found what seems to be the perfect pair. However, once you try them on, they might rub you the wrong way. BUT does that mean you never try another pair of shoes?? Absolutely not.


I provide free consultations so that we can determine if we’re a good fit.  The likelihood is high if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:


- Hating your reflection in the mirror.

- Not engaging in social activities because you are ashamed of how you look.

- Feeling as if losing weight will be the answer to your problems.

- Constantly picking apart your body.

- Experiencing guilt or shame when you cheat on your “diet” or don’t exercise enough.

- Practicing very rigid eating habits for a while and then overeating, causing you to “start over” on Sunday.

- Feeling sad, no longer wanting to do things you enjoy, or crying for what seems like no reason at all.


Insurance Coverage

I am currently out of network and do not accept insurance. However, I do accept payment via HSA/FSA accounts and provide clients with superbills if they would like to seek reimbursement directly from their insurance company. 

2801 Buford Hwy

Suite T10

Brookhaven, GA 30329

t: 404.809.6801


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